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Our Mission

Align PT is a holistic manual physical therapy practice and a mind-body studio where we offer private and group fitness, yoga and meditation classes designed by expert physical therapists for those who wish to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

At our facility, we honor you as a unique individual. Our expert manual physical therapists take pride in delivering an extraordinary experience through listening, collaboration, compassion, and intuition.

Our dedicated and passionate instructors collaborate with our expert PT’s to deliver thoughtful programming in a more intimate setting allowing for more individual attention to help you strive for more with less chance of injury and setbacks.

Physical Therapists

Michele Forsberg PT, MS

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Michele specializes in helping those who have struggled with long standing “mysterious pains” that others can’t seem to figure out; most often these folks who have digestive/abdominal or pelvic pain and dysfunction.

She revels in helping her patients get their lives back, connect with their bodies and start enjoying life again. “I love getting to know my patients, hearing their stories, understanding who they are and what journey they have been on. I look at their alignment, their mobility, their biomechanics and feel for the restrictions that are holding them back.

We work together to devise a plan that fits their needs and get them back to participating in their lives with less pain and a better sense of their bodies. Most folks don’t realize that the smallest injury or stressful event from their past could be stored inside;  holding on and keeping them from living fuller lives.”

Michele is highly sought out by local patients as well as those from other states and even some international clients for her eclectic hands on approach. She has been a licensed physical therapist for over 20 years and comes from a professional dance background where her love for movement and the body began. Michele started Align PT in Longmont in 2012, and had owned a practice in NYC from 1999-2006.

Michele’s eclectic approach includes; Myofascial Release, Visceral Manipulation, Pelvic Therapy, Dry Needling, Craniosacral Therapy, Associative Awareness Technique, Yoga. She is in the founder of the FeminEnergy® program for women’s empowerment and pelvic health education.

She lives in Longmont with her husband and beautiful daughter and enjoys outdoor activities; Running, SUP, as well as yoga, dance and just having a good time.

Keelin Regan-Reed PT, DPT

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If you hear a loud cackle in our office, chances are you have heard the enthusiasm of Keelin Regan-Reed. She is a blast of positive energy, and loves empowering and motivating her patients to get back to doing the things they love rather than being side-lined by their injuries.

We are so happy to have snagged Keelin from Newbury, New Hampshire where she owned her own practice Keelin Studio for Strength and Wellness.

Keelin’s keen ability as a diagnostician has led her to be able to successfully treat multi-faceted, challenging problems in which patients have been unsuccessfully treated in traditional Physical Therapy settings.

As such she earned a reputation in New Hampshire for being known as “The Human MRI”. Keelin has over 20 years experience under her belt and is the author of Fix It Yourself- A Self-Help Guide to Treating Common Muscle Aches and Pains.

Keelin has instructed college interns for over 15 years, created and instructed educational sport clinics for golf, tennis, triathletes, basketball and rugby teams. Keelin has a 13-year history of coaching women’s lacrosse at both the college and varsity high school level.

She has also instructed Pilates, TRX, strength training and injury prevention classes for 15 years. She was also a partner of Adrenaline Junkees LLC, an adventure racing company, and co-founder of the annual Mountain Mucker 5K at Mount Sunapee.

Keelin and her husband live in Longmont, raising their daughter Lily. Keelin enjoys trail running, hiking, gardening and mountain biking.

Shawna Anderson PT

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Shawna comes to us from her most recent home in Gainesville, Georgia where she owned a very successful private practice specializing in manual therapy and pelvic floor rehabilitation for men and women. A licensed physical therapist since 1997, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of physical therapy including orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, acute care and more.

Originally from Butte, Montana, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from Florida International University and a Master’s in Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University.

Shawna is an expert manual therapist with certifications in pelvic health and lymphatic drainage to name a few.

She lives with her husband, Patrick, in Johnstown. Shawna enjoys cooking, hiking, skiing, SUP and playing with her dogs Dawson and CJ.


Martha Walker

Martha will be teaching TRX, yoga, and strength, and believes all workouts can be as intuitive and connected as a yoga flow.She will guide you to find your mind/body connection not only in yoga, but also with TRX straps and in a mat strength class.

Because she is a holistic nutritionist, she believes how you eat is how you live. Do you lean towards strictness or indulgence? You deserve to feel fit, strong and confident after each workout! Let’s find the perfect balance for you in 2019!

Martha worked for IBM for 15 years before retraining and finding her perfect second career in fitness and nutrition. Treating herself as her first client, she made a full recovery from chronic Lyme disease. She lives in Longmont with her husband, two children and fluffy dog, Milo.

Kaity Rose Holsapple

Kaity Rose is a Yoga Therapist based in Northern Colorado.Her style of teaching calls students deeper into self-acceptance and inner-knowing.

Kaity offers global yoga retreats, teacher trainings, and yoga therapy sessions in addition to her workshops and classes. She specializes in trauma-informed yoga therapy, yoga for stress resiliency and anxiety, and functional movement therapy. She thrives working with special populations, such as seniors, trauma survivors, or those who struggle with mental health.

Kaity has received her advanced credentials from Kripalu School of Yoga and Ayurveda, Integrative Yoga Therapy, and Naropa University.

Taryn Pinson

Taryn is a Colorado native that fell in love with fitness at a young age. As an avid fitness class attendee, she decided to take her love for the group aspect and share it with others.

In 2009, she obtained her group fitness certification through AFAA, in 2018 a national certification with NASM, and is currently working towards her Women’s Health fitness specialization. Taryn enjoys teaching a variety of fitness classes, with strength, cardio Kickboxing, and cycling being her favorites.

Taryn is also a Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in women’s health, with an emphasis in pre and postnatal work. She is dedicated to working the body as a whole, empowering people with a foundation of strength and well-being.

In her free time, she loves hiking with her family, snowboarding, and enjoying all the beautiful things Colorado has to offer.

Jackie DiGiallonardo

A mother to an awesome five-year-old tiny man and a creative with an all around passion for an active, healthy lifestyle, Jackie fell into fitness as a career after sustaining an injury that took years to rehabilitate. Through rehabilitation and education, she has learned how consistent effort can change the human body and how discouraging it can be working through injuries.

She has developed a wide range of skills as a trainer from injury prevention to athletic training and has experienced first-hand how a strong body can allow us to enjoy a full life. Her goal is to empower as many people as possible to have the same experience.

Kristin Madl

Kristin has had a love of physical activity her whole life, starting with swimming and tennis as a youngster, to running, strength training, and yoga as an adult. She studied Kinesiology in college and worked in a physical therapy setting and as an athletic trainer for the early part of her career. For the last 14 years, she has held various positions in the medical device industry. Over the past several years she has felt a stronger pull to return professionally to the fitness and wellness realm.

Kristin started taking classes at Align PT in early 2019, and loves the quality and variety of class instruction as well as the way all of the instructors and community really encourage each other and build one another up. She is excited to now be joining the team and teaching Whole Body Workout classes.

Kristin is also a licensed massage therapist with a particular interest in helping people relieve the aches and pains associated with an active lifestyle. She is working on advancing her knowledge in neuromuscular techniques and hopes to learn more about Thai massage as well.When not working, Kristin enjoys any type of outdoor activities with her husband and their Wonder Mutt, especially camping, paddle boarding, and snowshoeing.