About Us

Our Mission

We make a difference through really listening to and motivating our patients as we teach and inspire them by creating a safe space to explore the mind-body connection.Through encouraging a deeper understanding of body wisdom our clients are able to experience what a balanced health approach can mean for them. Our hope is that this approach will empower individuals to live more fully and bring more joy to their journey.

Align PT is a holistic manual physical therapy practice and a mind-body studio where we offer private and group fitness, yoga and meditation classes designed by expert physical therapists for those who wish to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

At our facility, we honor you as a unique individual. Our expert manual physical therapists take pride in delivering an extraordinary experience through listening, collaboration, compassion, and intuition.

Our dedicated and passionate instructors collaborate with our expert PT’s to deliver thoughtful programming in a more intimate setting allowing for more individual attention to help you strive for more with less chance of injury and setbacks.