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Is Your Headache Really a Shoulder Problem? ~ by Keelin Regan Reed PT, DPT

In situations involving my patients who have chronic headaches, once I perform a thorough biomechanical evaluation, I often find they have a dysfunctional rotator cuff or upper trapezius muscle. Many clients actually see me for their shoulder pain first and don’t even tell me about the headaches or realize that their headaches are connected to […]

Yoga and the Rise of Hypermobility ~ by Kaity Rose

Has your yoga practice been bringing you more pain than relief lately? Do you struggle from popping joints or joint pain? Have you been told to stay away from your yoga mat because of an overuse injury? It’s possible that you may be focusing too much on flexibility in your practice and not enough on […]

Saying YES! One trainer’s road to recovery and being strong ~ by Jackie DiGiallonardo

Although health and fitness have been lifelong interests of mine, I ultimately chose to become a personal trainer because of the difference strength training made in my life. I went from living each day in survival mode to exploring all the possible directions I can take not only my body, but my life as a […]