Fequently Asked Questions

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What can I expect for my first visit?

Your first visit is a chance for your therapist to find out as much about you as possible to begin formulating a treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

Hopefully you will have filled out your health questionnaire and paper work before arriving or will arrive a few minutes early to do so.  Your therapist will review your health history and perform a thorough physical evaluation which includes checking your posture, mobility, pain level, strength etc.

Usually there will be a brief period afterwards for some manual treatment or instuction by your therapist on how to manage your condition when you aren’t in therapy, however it depends on the individual client.

What should I bring or wear?
  • Physician referral if needed:  If you are planning to submit bills to your insurance company, you will need to find out whether a physician referral is needed to be reimbursed for therapy.  Colorado allows patients to receive treatment directly by a physical therapist however some insurance companies require a physician referral.
  • Diagnostic or surgical reports (written): Bring copies of any reports from diagnostic tests/surgeries you may have had or notes from your physician.  Written reports and interpretations are much more informative than the actual films
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes that you will be able to move in, if you have long hair you may want to bring something to tie your hair back.  Ideally, it is preferred that you wear clothing which allows your therapist to see your body alignment and posture without obstruction.

For women: either a sports bra/camisole and shorts or 2 piece swimsuit, comfortable shoes for exercising or walking and if you wear orthotics please bring them. We also have gowns to preserve modesty.

For men: shorts and comfortable shoes for exercise/walking and if you wear orthotics please bring them.

*Be advised that we treat the whole person, so if you are coming for neck pain, we still want to evaluate your lower body. Avoid wearing any lotions/oils.

How Long Will It Take to Feel Better or Achieve Results?

The amount of time it takes to find relief really varies from person to person.  Most people feel some relief from pain a day or two after a session (once any soreness subsides).  The factors which will influence the speed of recovery have to do with how your body processes manual therapy, whether there are any other factors like diet, lifestyle, co-morbidities (other disease processes), how much damage your tissues have to overcome, stress and emotional health.  It’s good to realize that healing from injuries, traumas and surgeries takes time.  That being said, if you are are good at taking care of yourself outside of therapy, you heed the advice and perform the self care techniques, stretches or exercises given you, your time in therapy will be greatly reduced.  Some folks have felt much better after 1-2 hours of treatment, some require 4-10 hour sessions, folks with complicated histories may require 20-30 hours.

With all things considered, let it be known that we don’t want you to have to attend therapy forever, we like to give our patients tools to care for themselves after healing and foster injury prevention and overall wellness.  Some of our patients will have issues resolve and return to us for help with maintenance once and awhile because they see the value in our relationship.  Your body, mind and emotions are ever evolving and changing and we are here to guide you through that process and understand the mechanics of your body and how to prevent things from happening again in the future.

What Insurance Do You Accept?

Align PT is considered an out-of-network provider. While insurance is not processed directly, and payment is due at the time of service, many patients do submit claims to their insurance company directly. Align PT bills using usual and customary PT codes and will make sure clients receive the documentation necessary to receive the maximum reimbursement available. Patients are advised to contact their insurance companies to find out what their benefits are for outpatient out-of-network physical therapy.  Additionally, all physical therapy services can be paid for via Health Savings Account and/or Flexible Spending Accounts.

What are your fees?

We have a variety of pricing options depending on your treatment plan.

Will Treatment Hurt?

Most of our patients report that they feel a deep pressure or a stretching sensation that feels like a “good hurt”.  Rest assured that you are always in control and if you need less pressure your therapist will honor your request.  Trigger point needling may elicit what is referred to as a “deep ache”, or a twitch response,  it is usually very brief and often mimicks the pain you feel which brought you to therapy.  You may feel sore or achy for a day or two after treatment, like you had a workout.  Most patients report renewed mobility and no pain after the initial soreness subsides.

Can I exercise right after a session?

It’s best to avoid strenuous exercise right after treatment, it is great however to go out for a 15-20 minute walk to let your body adjust to the changes we make in therapy.  Be good to yourself, drink extra water and avoid too much alcohol and caffeine.

Do You Do Internal Pelvic Work?

Yes, we work internally through the vagina, rectum or inside the mouth, it provides us with greater access to tissues and organs that ordinarily would be hard to assess and treat by working externally alone.  Of course, this would only be with your permission, you are always in control of your sessions. Not all patients require this kind of work, but most do benefit from it.