FeminEnergy® 10 Week Program

Take the journey of ultimate self care and self devotion that many of us have been yearning for. This is so much more than a weekly class, this is a progressive 10-week journey of discovery through movement, going inside, and embodying our FeminEnergy®Our experience is enriched through sharing experiences and bonding with the same women week after week which deepens our connection to divine sisterhood and opens our hearts for more creativity and joy.
What’s Included
  • 15 hours of  in person sessions with hands on attention
  • Home program charts to practice in between sessions
  • Videos of important exercises and instruction on anatomy
  • A FaceBook Group/forum for extra encouragement on your journey
  • A journal and handbook with exercises and inspirations
Can’t attend every in person session? No Problem!
You get so much support from us through other means, you will easily get caught up.
What you take away with you after 10 weeks is invaluable knowledge about the way your body works, improved mobility, strength, posture, self care tools and a bond with a group of other women that may continue to warm your heart for years to come.
Since the program continues to evolve and change, continuing the journey with each offering is absolutely worthwhile.
Read below – The Pillars of FeminEnergy® – for more details on the program!

The Pillars Of FeminEnergy®

The Optimal Feminine Alignment

Many women adopt a holding of their posture in a certain way that compresses the muscles, organs, and ligaments of the pelvis. This holding can lead to all sorts of dysfunction, pain, and disconnect. In order to truly open up the pelvic area to release these restrictions, we need to first re-align our bodies in a way that supports our feminine form and allows for our breath to work in concert with our core muscles.


    • Anatomy, the muscles, organs, bones, ligaments.
    • How the posture affects the life force of the organs and functions of pelvis.
    • How a new posture will help free you from a clenched pelvis & can create more joy and overall sense of empowerment.
    • Self care practices/fascial release
    • Yoga poses, stretches and daily practices to reinforce your alignment

The Emotional Pelvis

Other than structural or physiological restrictions, Emotions can become trapped in the pelvis and stop our energetic flow.

Learn the best techniques for:

    • Opening up the emotional pelvis and the heart through specific yoga poses
    • Guided imagery, visualization and breath work
    • Opening the chakras that surround these areas
    • Sharing and connecting with your divine sisterhood
    • Honoring your innate feminine wisdom and speaking your truth
    • How to incorporate meditations, thought processes to adopt a new perspective about being a woman and embrace all femininity has to offer

Joyful Movement and Release

This is about expression through movement of the body. Move freely and evoke joy to feed your wild feminine side.
We’ll combine free movement portions with techniques used from various styles of dance classes that are meant to strengthen the muscles and open the hips to support your feminine alignment. Caution-by feeding our free spirit we may even conjure up a few belly laughs!


    • Grounded movement through foot and balance work
    • Techniques that have given dancers lean yet powerful bodies
    • To let music flow through you to energize your senses
    • To awaken your true power as a woman through awareness and exploration of the pelvis

Support and Strengthen

With newfound freedom in the pelvis we must learn how to support and strengthen the parts of our bodies that are responsible for maintaining the alignment of our exquisite feminine posture.

Learn how to:

    • Access the core and pelvic floor together as a team without doing “kegels”
    • Perform strengthening exercises for core, gluteals, hips, and even upper body without compromising our feminine alignment
    • How to monitor yourself and make sure you are not causing any injury.
    • Incorporate these exercises into your life without feeling overwhelmed.
    • Identify exercises that if not done correctly can lead to pelvic issues like urinary incontinence or prolapse

*Additional At Home Support with Exercises, Videos, Handouts and Facebook Group!*


“Far beyond the physical benefit of the exercises, I really feel like the program helped me connect on a deeper level with my true self, and helped me discover what I really want to pursue – even in my professional/work life.

I was not expecting that!

But by opening up the connection to my pelvic area, particularly during this time when my body is literally creating something (a baby), it brought to the surface so many hopes and desires for how I want to contribute to society with my gifts… things that had been hidden and stifled prior to taking the Feminenergy® class.”


Bernice G.

This class was beneficial and fun in so many ways.  Personally, I have been learning how complicated breathing is! So many parts of the body should be involved when we inhale and exhale. Some of my parts just were not functioning, and had not for decades. In this class, I learned how to identify and access some of those parts. Specifically, I had no idea that my pelvic floor existed or that it is supposed to be part of every breath. This affected my bladder, among other organs and issues. And the group was so wonderful!! As we got to know each other, in the safe environment Michele created, we discovered that most of us had some problems with accessing critical muscle groups. You would think that it would be annoying to come to a class on Friday nights to work on improving muscle groups that ideally should have functioned my whole life, but I totally looked forward to our classes!