FeminEnergy is the brainchild of Michele Forsberg, a physical therapist who specializes in working with women who struggle with various conditions involving pelvic dysfunction pain and trauma. Through her work, she began to realize how common it is for us as women to let our pain and suffering go unnoticed, leading us to disengage from our bodies, from the natural  beauty and power that resides within us. We also tend to not discuss our issues, keeping them bottled up inside. What Michele also realized is that many of us display a common postural pattern of physical and emotional holding in the pelvic muscles and organs, that when released can bring about more feelings of joy, empowerment and self confidence.

FeminEnergy® was created out of a desire to give women a more in-depth journey into the female body than is possible in an hour appointment. It was originally designed as more of  a physical course combining yoga, strength, dance and pelvic education. More recently with the increasing awareness of events like the Me Too movement, we have seen a need to devote some of the work toward emotional and spiritual connection through our divine sisterhood in order to increase the healing nature of the program.

Who Is FeminEnergy® For?

It is a transformational experience for those struggling with pelvic-related pain, dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, decreased libido, painful intercourse, increased stress, organ prolapse, and stifled creativity, to name a few. The FeminEnergy® experience changes and evolves with every session, and it is not necessary for participants to have any physical pain or trauma to join us.
It’s for anyone who wants to learn more about their body, truly connect more with being feminine, feeling more joy, pleasure, sensuality  and empowerment through movement and community.
It’s also a great program for practitioners, body workers, and instructors who want to learn more about pelvic health and feminine empowerment.

“Far beyond the physical benefit of the exercises, I really feel like the program helped me connect on a deeper level with my true self, and helped me discover what I really want to pursue – even in my professional/work life.

I was not expecting that!

But by opening up the connection to my pelvic area, particularly during this time when my body is literally creating something (a baby), it brought to the surface so many hopes and desires for how I want to contribute to society with my gifts… things that had been hidden and stifled prior to taking the Feminenergy® class.”