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Drum Circle and Dancing In The Dark

Ceremonial drum circle and dancing in the dark with your Divine Sisterhood!

Our studio will glow with candles and moonlight.

Through drumming in repetitive cycles we access our intuitive rhythms and unleash the creative spirit that resides deep in our womb. Together we’ll make uplifting and healing music and feel it move through our bodies with empowerment and a sense of freedom. If you are ready to birth a new project, catch a new vibe, release the past and journey into spring with new found vibrancy, this is for you.


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FeminEnergy® Foundations

This is an opportunity to find out what our FeminEnergy® program is all about and learn the foundations of what we’ll be covering in our more in depth 10 week program.

In order to truly open up the pelvic area to free from pelvic restrictions we need to first re-align our bodies in a way that supports our feminine form and allows for our breath to work in concert with our core muscles.

In the foundations class we will go over:

  • Pelvic Anatomy
  • How posture affects the life force of the organs and functions of pelvis.
  • How emotions get trapped in your pelvis and stop your energetic flow.
  • How a new posture will help free you from a clenched pelvis & can create more joy and overall sense of empowerment.
  • How we can over time learn the foundational alignment, strengthen and support our form and connect with our bodies on a deeper level.

Class is interactive, fun. We will move our bodies for sure, so wear appropriate clothing. (yoga attire etc..)

*This is great review for our past FeminEnergy® participants.

$25 Per Class

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Blossom – Yoga and Empowerment for Girls

For Girls 11-14 years old, this is a tender age and a crucial time as they are forming perceptions of themselves that will be carried with them into adulthood. They are blossoming as young women and need support in their journey.

This is a yoga based class that will focus on positive body image, empathy and kindness as we help the girls connect with themselves and their peers through movement, meditation and discussion about topics that are important to them.

Our aim is to help girls feel empowered in this time of change by educating them about their bodies and how self care can begin early on in life. We will foster an environment of inclusivity and community that they will carry into adulthood.

This class is developed by Michele Forsberg PT, MS- founder and creator of the FeminEnergy® program for pelvic education and women’s empowerment. Michele also is the mother of a 12 year old daughter who is at this tender blossoming age.

$36 For Series

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