Our Signature 5 Week Program

*With Bonus Free Month Of Unlimited Classes*

Take A Deep Dive Into the body, mind & soul!

It’s like accessing the owner’s manual to your body.
This is a program that is chock full of value.
Time To Say YES to fitness and total health.

Next Session Starts Tuesday, January 28th @6:30pm


Designed by our team of physical therapists and trainers to offer you the opportunity to experience a whole new take on getting fit by educating on how to make fitness work for you.

Who It’s For:

If you have been a little concerned about committing to adding a fitness routine to your life because you have been derailed in the past by injury or lack of motivation, this is for you.

If you want to take fitness to a new level and learn more about your body; how to live a more balanced healthy lifestyle, this is for you too!

This is an Excellent opportunity for you to get to know our therapists and instructors through this informative series covering the following topics:

Week 1- Posture/Alignment

Why posture and alignment are important for overall health and avoiding injuries.
Can we really change our posture?
Alignment do’s and don’ts  for yoga and strength class, common injuries seen in yoga and fitness class.
How to develop good body mechanics when doing everyday activities.
Postural exercises that facilitate good form and avoid joint pain or muscle overuse.

Week 2- Flexibility/Mobility

What the heck is fascia?
What muscles and body parts are common stiff areas for most of us and how to address it.
Why flexibility matters and how to incorporate easy routines into your day.
Learn different kinds of flexibility and mobility techniques: static stretch, fascial release, dynamic/active stretch.
How to figure out what your specific needs are regarding flexibility and muscle balance to keep you out of pain and give you better chance for success.

Week 3-Whole Body Strengthening Including Your Core

Why do we need strength training? Can’t we just do cardio?
Best approaches to strengthening your body to keep you stable and strong.
What do we mean by the core? How do we best access our core muscles?
Areas of the body that are often undertrained that most of us need to strengthen for pain free living.
How to develop a good strengthening program.
Learn a quick easy practice to keep you strong on the go.

Week 4- Nutrition and Digestive Health

Learn the Pillars of Good Nutrition.
Assess whether or not you are on the right track with your food through the use of some simple tools.
Learn about the gut mobility and motility and how to implement some simple exercises to keep your body digesting and eliminating with less trouble.
Learn how the pelvis and gut are related and how that might show up in your body.

Week 5-Mind Body Connection

Learn why your mind is an important part of overall health.
Discover ways to calm the nervous system and the steps you can take to achieve more balance.
Learn about the Autonomic Nervous System and the how to stimulate the vagus nerve to aid in better body functions and stress relief.
Learn about the breath and how instrumental it is in helping regulate the nervous system.
Learn different meditation, breathing techniques and traditions for improving relaxation as well as sleep.

Each week we learn something new, we move/stretch/breathe/meditate in the physical portion of the class.
We also feed our thirst for body knowledge with really useful information through self assessment, hands on adjustments, discussion and handouts.
You’ll walk away with a deeper knowledge of yourself and what steps you need to take to reach your health and wellness goals with more success and less chance of setbacks. You’ll also receive take home information to help keep you on track when you are away from the studio.
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This workshop is interactive, be prepared to move.
Wear comfortable exercise clothes.
Each week we’ll guide you on which classes would be beneficial for where you are in your journey so that you can take full advantage of your unlimited class package.