Postural and Movement Re-education

When you hold your body in particular patterns over time the muscles and soft tissue around the area shorten, causing an uneven pull on surrounding structures and tissues.  If muscles are in a holding pattern, they are not able to fire properly which creates more imbalance in a continuous cycle of pain and dysfunction. This tends to cause all sorts of problems with pain, tension, and decreased organ function.  

We get so used to being in our specific postural and movement patterns that our nervous system registers them as normal. It is difficult to make the kinds of lasting changes without having an awareness of where you hold your body in space.

Through re-education of the neuromuscular system we are facilitating a connection of body and mind in order to establish more efficient alignment, posture, and functional movement patterns through manual (hands-on), visual (in front of mirror) and sensory cues by the therapist.

These often subtle changes can have a profound effect on pain reduction, improved strength, and can produce an overall feeling of well being and vitality.

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