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The Mysterious Connection Between Your Pelvis and Jaw

Countless times while working with my pelvic dysfunction patients, I have witnessed that while releasing their fascial restrictions vaginally, the patient’s jaw will be moving ever so slightly from side to side, presumably shifting to find it’s new home and mirror it’s counterpart. Of course, I point out what I see so that my client […]

The Intimate Relationship Between Your Gut Health and Pelvic Floor

One topic that has continued to fascinate me, and an area that I often work on with my patients, is the relationship between the gut and the pelvic floor. In very simple terms, your gut health and pelvic health are intimately connected and if you’re paying attention to one, it’s important and supportive to look […]

Girlfriends, Healing and Pelvic Power

When I was a kid, I had this amazing group of girlfriends on my street. We would spend every waking hour together during the summer. We had this tree, in my aunt’s backyard, it had 4 segments to it and was easy to climb. We’d often hang out in our tree, each on our perch […]

Does Your Pelvis Have a Story?

As a 13 year old, I remember wanting to get my period so badly. I had just graduated 8th grade and all of my friends had started theirs, it was the hot the topic of all our sleepovers. In my mind they had all become women first and without me. I wanted in the club. […]